Welcome to Our Website!

We now provide internet to your home depending on where you are. Check out the Internet Page to find out more!

There are two computers available for FREE public use. These computers have the Linux Ubuntu opperating system installed.

If you have your own laptop or other wifi device you can connect though one of our two access points. The inside one is "HotSpotPA" and the outside one is "That Other Computer Guy 2" Both of these connect to the internet but both are configured differently to work with various devices. You can set up an account just by opening yor web browser while connected or by setting up an account though our Secure WiFi account set-up portal

If you are looking to fix your current computer or build a new one you have found the right place. However, there is a lot more we can do for you and your computer. Have a look around, if something sparks a question feel free to ask!